The Hobbit – J.R.R Tolkien

There is very little point in reviewing a classic, but I am one of the many Inklings fans and I tend to re-read the works of Tolkien and Lewis at least once a year. Their works of art are like family to me, old familiar favorites that I return to time after time, for comfort, for joy and for assurance.
So this was the first time I’ve re-read The Hobbit since the series of movies came out. It’s hard for a die-hard fan to admit, but I did find the screen adaptations quite disappointing, often exclaiming to myself “that didn’t happen in the book!” 

So it was a pleasant surprise to discover, in re-reading the beloved tale once again, that not only did the movies not ruin the story for me, but they were also relatively accurate in their portrayal of the novel.

If you haven’t yet read the classic story of how someone small can find adventure, courage and friends worth more than gold and treasure, then what are you waiting for?

I paired this with the Solms Delta vintage Shiraz 2013. The wine is not a particularly spicy blend, but has a chocolate taste and is smooth on the palate.