These lyrics will change your life


I never liked KT Tunstall until I saw her live. It was one of those gigs I went to just for the vibe, because my friends were going, but her enthralling stage presence, intimacy with the audience and skills with her instruments won me over, not to mention the lyrics from her new album Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. Listen to this song, Feel it All, to me, its about that person that flits in and out of your life, but leaves an indelible mark for the better. Enjoy!


These guys are so weird its awesome

I love discovering new brands of crazy, and GROUPLOVE definitely fits the bill. These eclectic musicians are on a roll, after the success of their 2011 debut album Never Trust a Happy Song (to be fair, most of their songs sound happy). I recently discovered “Tongue Tied”, a track from that album, only to find that they have just released a new single, “Shark Attack.”

This music video is great and reflects the quirkiness of the band and their music. I have no idea what smashing bottles on ones head has to do with anything, but it’s a great touch. I’m off to see if I can get my hands on the new album…

Don’t judge a book by its cover


When my friends suggested we read a book called Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore, I wasn’t that excited. I mean, how can a book about a 24 hour bookstore be interesting right? Wrong!

This book is a nerds-heaven and it has something for everyone. It tells the story of Clay, a fun-employed 20 something stuck in San Franciso looking for work until he finds a job as a clerk at mysterious Mister Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore, with even more mysterious customers. Clay stumbles through the story with his motley crew of capable friends as they try to solve a 500 year old mystery by bringing the old world of books and the new world of Google together.

I had such fun reading this. I had even more fun downing a bottle of Brenaissance Lady H while reading it. This is a fun and fruity Savignon Blanc from the Devon Valley Farm in the heart of Stellenbosch and well worth a visits even if for nothing else but their legendary pizza’s

Call me queen bee

I love this song and I don’t know why. What I do know is that good things come out of New Zealand, like Lord of the Rings, Flight of the Conchords, and Lorde. In her “becoming Lorde”video she says she likes rap music because it makes her feel cooler than she is, I can relate to that.  Plus its such a damn catchy tune!

This is what summer sounds like

It was a surprisingly hard decision when it came to choosing which Icona Pop video I wanted to put up on the blog this morning. Normally I find with international electro-pop bands, they release one song (usually just in time for the SA summer season) and then in a few months time everyone forgets their name. I don’t think this is going to happen with this lady-duo. They have released three huge chart-toppers in a matter of weeks. I’m loving their sound, fun, free, liberated, careless females with a rip-roaring sound. Party time!!

They are back!!

Switchfoot are finally back after touring the globe. These cali-surfer dudes have returned with sounds swoonier than ever. Here is one of their first offerings off their new album. This melodious track stays true to their roots and echos with a deep sentiment I have to agree with, that Love Alone is worth the Fight. Keep your eye’s peeled for shots of the Mother City in this video. Their tour and worldwide surfing mission has been turned into a documentary titled Fading West, which I’m looking forward to seeing. Happy Monday.

Spring brings all things new

The season of new things is upon us in SA, and fortunately that means there are a bunch of great new songs to go with it. There is a brand new ColdPlay (Atlas) from the 2nd Hunger Games film, there is a new Arcade Fire track, and yes, even the controversial new Miley Cyrus track, which I have to admit is a really beautiful song and could have been a brilliant music video without the sexual overtones. Here for your listening pleasure is the new Kings of Leon, and I’m loving the upbeat swing for spring.

Now all I need is a new Florence and the Machine…

Start your week like a champion

I looooovvvvee Katy Perry (yeah whatever, mentally I’m still a pimply, chubby teenage girl who secretly adores the cool kids). I love that she’s not afraid to be herself, and her “triumph in spite of circumstances” kind of attitude, which this song perfectly embodies. It’s a great way to get your week started! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the new album has in store and this video is typically Katy-cute

No one likes waking up in a strange bed

Okay, so this song is a little dodgy. But I love the catchy, iconically South African sound and the irony of the title compared with the lyrics. This local group of boys released their debut album in April this year. I’ll admit, the first time I heard them was on Gareth Cliffs morning show on 5FM. Well done guys. They are geeky, folk-rocky cute, and looking at their website, none of them have morning faces either. While its not the most original music video, the song is so good, I’ll overlook it this time.

Happy notes from New Zealand

I’ve just returned from a brief road trip to the Eastern Cape, and one thing that road trips always make me aware of is the importance of playlist. When you have four people in a car, there are bound to be various music tastes in a small space.
Fortunately for us, Avalanche City has one of the friendliest and most likeable sounds around. I Love Love Love (see what I did there) these guys from Down Underer (as Flight of the Conchords would say). Originally founded by Dave Baxter, the international success of New Life Above the Ground, his first album, was unprecedented and unexpected. Now he’s got some friends together and is working on a second album, of which this song is a taster of what’s to come (besides having a ridiculously adorable video). I love their use of unusual instruments, and almost all of their songs have sweet, upbeat and positive lyrics and messages, perfect for a road trip.  They are particularly fond of cartoons and stock animation.

Happy Monday

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