Life is full of guilty pleasures…

Ahhhhhh guilty pleasures, yes, a post I can relate to, and believe me, I have plenty.

A guilty pleasure is gooey cheesy pizza, a glass of crisp white wine and an Audrey Hepburn movie

A guilty pleasure is Milo in bed on a cold winter’s morning, instead of getting up for work.

Nutella out the jar? You bet, that is a guilty pleasure!

Making Nigella Lawson’s super chocolaty brownies just so you can lick the bowl = guilty pleasure.

Trying on that beautiful pink dress you can never hope to afford but decide to screw the budget and buy anyway, that’s a guilty pleasure.

A guilty pleasure is lying in bed on a Sunday to watch back-to-back episodes of series.

Cancelling your evening plans so you can snuggle in bed and read instead, that’s a guilty pleasure!

Running after your soon-to-be-spouse to steal one last kiss before he heads home, that is a guilty pleasure.

I can keep going for hours, what are some of your guilty pleasures?


This post forms part of #writersbootcamp, a month long challenge to bloggers across South Africa.


Everybody loves a little chocolate

After the fashion of my gender, I have a love-hate relationship with chocolate (why just yesterday I squirrelled down two packets of m&m’s with my morning coffee) but this kind of chocolate is deliciously good for you.

This is the single from Brit Band The 1975. They sound like The Script (but with less issues and less alcohol). Funky, upbeat and sweet, like chocolate, albeit not the most original music video.

Their debut album is set to come out later this year, produced by a guy who’s previously worked with the Arctic Monkeys, so its set to be good.

Enjoy…nom nom nom