I have a thing for Gingers

There are few things I appreciate as much as someone who takes their craft seriously, and I think there are few people who can string words together to create a meaningful song as well as Ed Sheeran can (yes, I am a fan, yes, I will purchase his new album). I love the way his songs carry weight, (for example, if you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen to Small Bump) but how he can also poke fun at himself, like in this music video. Maybe I just like it because it features Rupert Grint.


Here’s a naughties throwback

Paramore is great. I love this song, maybe because most girls find they can relate to the content quite well (I know I sure can), and hey, there’s nothing like a little bit of punk rock for your Throw back Thursday

Falling victim to the old proverb

I judged this book by it's cover

I judged this book by it’s cover

This book was horrible, but then I suppose I can’t only review the good stuff. In the case of this story, I fell victim to the old proverb “never judge a book by it’s cover”. This cover is what caught my attention, and the idea for the story: an orphan who works through life using food, during one of the most tense periods in French history,  is a great one.

What I found with this book is that it was too rushed. One minute the lead character is 2, then 6 then before you blink he’s married with kids. The pace leaves no space for intimacy or acquaintance with any of the characters. What I also found is that although the book is supposed to revolve around Jean Marie (the main characters) unusual pallet and passion for food, the author doesn’t seem to carry any passion for food, which leaves the main theme of the story wanting.

Grimwood, it must be said, does a good job painting the crude extravagance of French Court at that time, he is familiar with French culture as he lives there for part of the year, but I feel that the book could have been placed during the revolution rather than just before it. Ultimately you have to just read it and decide for your self.

I would pair this with a wine that will compensate for the disappointment that this somewhat disturbing tale is. Try the deelish Flagstone Noon Gun, which the winemaker describes as ” mom’s plonk” but it’s much better than that, a flavoursome blend of  Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier.

Philosophy to music

M83 are cool. Most people will recognise their tracks that have been used in music and adverts, but if you ever find yourself in a whimsical, pensive or philosophical mood, these guys are who you want in your ears. This track, Steve McQueen, comes off their 2011 album, Hurry Up We’re dreaming. And yes, if their existential sounds didn’t give them away already, they are French!

I’d follow you

We all dream of this kind of love: a love where you grow old together, that someone who would follow you into the unknown realm of death, because they couldn’t live without you, knowing you would pledge to do the same.

I love this 2006 song from Death Cab for Cutie, because it embodies that romantic ideal, in the bands typically quirky way. Le Sigh…

Mind the F-Bombs

This song is ridiculously catchy, I love it inspite of myself. By the end a listening session, you really do feel like you can do anything. Just mind the explicit lyrics, if you’re easily offended. The clean version is equally awesome. Get your week started right! And remember, you can do anything!

These lyrics will change your life


I never liked KT Tunstall until I saw her live. It was one of those gigs I went to just for the vibe, because my friends were going, but her enthralling stage presence, intimacy with the audience and skills with her instruments won me over, not to mention the lyrics from her new album Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. Listen to this song, Feel it All, to me, its about that person that flits in and out of your life, but leaves an indelible mark for the better. Enjoy!