Capturing a generation

This song resonates deeply within me. It captures something of the essence of my generation, a generation with a deep-seated sense of purpose, but no particular cause. A generation that is the most existential and post-postmodern that the world has ever seen, a generation with the power to accomplish so much more than ever before, but lacking the direction to do so. A generation critical of our elders and concerned with the impact we will make for those who follow after us. Yes, a song can capture all these things.


Nature’s calling

Lets be honest, this Nordic band is a little nuts (if you’ve seen their other music videos)  and honestly none of their lyrics make sense, even if you listen to their album end-to-end, but DAMN they can play their instruments. This is one of my favs, called Mountain Sound. Enjoy!

The best song with the worst video

Man, I love this song. I went through a phase when I had it on repeat quite literally. I just love the sound that Cold War Kids injected into this album (the other tracks are just as great by the way, especially the titular Mine is Yours) and then I watched the music video. It’s like they just had no inspiration. Nothing happens. After you’ve watched it, let me know if there is some subtlety I’m missing.

This is a sexy song

This song from California Indie-band Young the Giant just has something about it that is super smooth and sexy. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much else of their work, but if its anything like this one from 2011, I’ll buy all their albums. In fact, they started work on their second album last year, so here’s hoping that they found some inspiration on tour. Happy Monday

Round and round we go

I’m not the biggest Goodluck fan. They’re early stuff was nice, but they became progressively sexual, which kinda defeats the purpose of creating music, if it’s all about the same topic.

Fortunately for me, they decided to re-inspire themselves with a trip to Namibia. I’ve been there myself, and it is an amazing, beautiful and magical place, and I feel like they’ve finally got their essence back, capturing some of their inspiration in this track.