A hot dense state, sounds like the weekend…

big bang


In my years of studying I have often had to digest books that challenge my world view and make me uncomfortable and/or miserable. Included in this list are Ideas: From Fire to Freud (when you see the size of it you won’t need me to discourage you) by Peter Watson and Why Evolution is true from Jerry Coyne.

When Big Bang by Simon Singh was prescribed, I braced myself for another such experience. To my delight, this easily comprehensible book took me on a magnificent journey of exploration, to outer space and back, and I would tell everyone who has any interest in astronomy to get their hands on it ASAP!

Singh details the history of cosmology and the men and women who played an influential role in the development of this field of science. While he does so, he takes your hand and guides you into how scientists developed our current theory of how the universe began. No matter what you believe, it is well worth understanding how this contentious theory came to be widely accepted, and actually how recent this acceptance is!

The men and women who made history in cosmology (including the obvious ones like Galileo, Einstein and Hayley) become living characters in this wonderful story. Go and read it, you won’t regret it, and pair it with something delicious, like the Beaumont Chenin Blanc, full of flavour and wonderfully enlightening!


The last guest didn’t know the party was over

My moms university copy cost her R5 in the 70's

My moms university copy cost her R5 in the 70’s

Love can make or break you. It can only go one of two ways: wonderfully or horribly. Sometimes it does both, say, over a five year period. Well, that was the case for Jay Gatsby anyway.

With the movie being released in cinema’s last week I knew I had to read the book first(I intend to watch it tonight. The soundtrqack is superb btw). My mom’s copy (above) cost her R5 when she brought it in the 70’s.

The story, in essence, is a simple one, but the fluid, enigmatic writing of Fitzgerald meant that I opened the book to read and before I knew it I was on page 60! It was absolutely excellent, I now have a book-hangover. I can see why its a classic. The 1920’s are such a magical time in the collective conscious of the modern world.

I hope you do read it if you haven’t already, no one writes in poetry anymore the way Fitzgerald does.

Pair with a rich and nectar-like Chenin blanc, such as the Ayama Chenin (pictured above). The winemaker describes this wine as “everything is spirit, passion and contradiction…at the same time warm and complex.” Perfectly complementary to The Great Gatsby.