Come on Stubborn Love

I hate it when I learn something from my younger cousin, he can be such a tool! But last year he loaded a little band onto my laptop called The Lumineers. Shortly after I started hearing Hey Ho everywhere.
The Lumineers are one of those rare bands that actually care about being skilled in playing their instruments and making quality music, rather than popular music. For some reason I always feel like I’m transported to the 1920’s when listening to them. They are the ideal band for a Sunday Drive along the coast, I also find they help me keep my cool in traffic.
This is my favorite song of theirs, besides Big Parade (I think its because I relate to the title) The soft instruments in the background, and the enchanting intro make it one of the beautiful tracks on their self-titled album

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Ain’t nothing wrong with a hot piano-playing ginger

Man, am I glad Jason Lancaster left Mayday Parade and formed Go Radio! I first heard of this delicious band two years ago, when Lucky Street, their third album was released.
They aren’t heard of much in SA (that I’m aware of) so when perusing Grooveshark, I was delighted to discover Close the Distance, which has been on repeat in my car ever since. I love the quirky music videos these guys do (Goodnight Moon has to be one of the most random vid’s I’ve ever seen)
Jasons rocky voice and the combination of instruments is a golden thread that runs through all the songs on this album, without any sounding repetitive or too similar. Their lyrics are phenomenal and move from romantic to philosophical to inspiring.
Here is the single Go to Hell, its brilliant

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Our Democracy died today

After three years of back-and-forthing, protests from the public and criticism from the opposition, the so-called “secrecy bill” has been passed in the national assembly.

It is an attack on press freedom, and the public’s right to know what those sneaky politicians are really using our taxes for.

The fact that the bill (full name: Protection of State Information Bill) seeks to regulate the classification of state information hints at its apartheid-like nature.

Fine government, keep your secrets. The truth will out, always, and journalists won’t give up on this country as easily as you have.

Opponents of the bill are saying there is still the chance that JZ won’t sign it (making it law) but that he may send it to the constitutional court first, which could prevent it being passed under the auspices of being unconstitutional.

Once again, our hope rests in Jacob Zuma ( which makes it shaky at best) How ironic that this should come to pass, two days before Freedom Day.

This image by South African Satirist extraordinaire, Zapiro

This image by South African Satirist extraordinaire, Zapiro

Don’t Blink coz Relient K is back

When I was 15 years old, I listened to a track called “Pressing On”. Something deep resonated in my Christian-teenage self with the need to be unique, to push through in the path I’d chosen.
Since that day I’ve bought every Relient K album ever made.
I was somewhat disappointed with their last offering (Forget and not slow down) because it didn’t address the deep issues that they often work through in their songs.
I heard on Monday that amid some shaky ground (Ethan Luck announced he would be leaving the band, and their release date for the new album keeps getting pushed back) they WILL be releasing their new album, Collapsable Lung this year (June hopefully)

Here’s a sampler so long (I’m enjoying the new sounds I must say)

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The Emperors new clothes


Adriaan Basson’s work Zuma Exposed is investigative journalism at its finest

I’ve just finished reading SA journalist Adriaan Basson’s investigative piece Zuma Exposed.

Horrific. (and not because of the way the book is written, Mr Basson is an excellent journalist).

The content, though dense and at times hard-to-follow, is frightening.

The two biggest take-homes from this book are that the president of the country has no cognitive comprehension that corruption is wrong (especially when most South African’s are dying from poverty) and that apartheid has had an incredibly damaging effect on the self-esteem of black people in the country.

I think if everyone in the country red this book, we’d have a revolution on our hands.

Though its not the sort of book you can drink with (cause you have to concentrate) I’d pair it with a shiraz like the Croix du Sud.

the spear

The publicaton of this artwork, The Spear, sent shockwaves and reactions throughout the nations


So long and thanks for all the fish


There is a big black tome that squats on my bookshelf. It’s one of the thickest books in my collection. Its spine is cracked in numerous places, the tell-tale white lines speak of endless readings. It is my collectors-item edition of the four part trilogy that is HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I was introduced to this philosophical work of comedy through the movie, as many were. It’s one of those stories that transports you, after all, it is about travelling in its own way.

Don’t ask me why I find a book about immortal aliens that fly through the galaxy insulting people, cow-like creatures that suggest their most edible bits to you, and an idiot president of the galaxy profound, but I do.

There is something sweet about Arthur Dent navigating the universe, learning to fly and eventually finding the gal to fly with him through the galaxy that resonates with us. Out of all the authors of the 20th century, I don’t know any comparable to Douglas Adams in the way that his absurd, existential work is still relevant today. In fact, I think its becoming increasingly relevant as the world spirals into absurdity.

There’s no story like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. When life leaves you lost for words, quote Douglas Adams

Wine: I’d suggest pairing this with a beaujolais nouveau. Sweet, rare, one-of-a-kind party wine made from the Gamay Noir grape. My personal fav is the Asara Nouveau

Winemaker Francois Joubert smells the Asara nouveau

Winemaker Francois Joubert smells the Asara nouveau

South Africa isn’t ready to say goodbye



This cartoon by illustrator extraordinaire, Zapiro

Last week Madiba, Nelson Mandela, my country’s father, and one of the few untainted heros we look to for moral direction, went into hospital again. He has since been discharged and returned home, but as usual, his going to hospital caused an international media frenzy.

He is an old man, but our country is not in a good way, and letting him go in peace will be one of the hardest things we collectively have to do. This article by Marelise van der Merwe (, and the cartoon by Zapiro  really sum-up the emotions around his slow passing

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Falling in love with Fall Out Boy

Patrick Stump has lost weight and released his inner hottie, but I’m even happier that his gritty, beautiful voice is blaring through my radio station again.

After a hiatus, FALL OUT BOY is back!! This comes as sweet relief since the official conclusion of My Chemical Romance. And they come back with a mission it would seem: Save Rock and Roll. I for one am quite happy to let them do that. It seems they have left the punk-sounds behind and gone full rock with their latest album, which they wrote and recorded in complete secret for the last year and a half. They have told fans that their new album is a new history in the chapter of the band. They also encourage us all to roll down our windows on a hot summer night to enjoy the album.

You can take a listen to the album here, which is your favorite song?

3OH!3 all grown up

The first time i heard this song, I got goosebumps. It seems to follow in the trends of recent hits, like Fun’s Some Nights, an anthem of a nihilistic yet still hopeful youth. When the presenter announced it was a 3oh!3 track, I was thoroughly shocked. Let’s be honest, its a big jump in maturity from previous hits like Starstrukk, but really, I’m loving the new sounds! Good job boys!

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