The Great Divorce- C.S. Lewis

the great divorce

The Great Divorce is one of Lewis’ lesser-known works of fiction that attempts to describe the divorce of heaven and hell. It is a daunting task, and I must say, I was somewhat disappointed that Lewis painted somewhat of a “limbo” picture.

It is never easy to describe what we don’t know, and Lewis does this weighty topic justice in that he capably brings the afterlife into the present through reflections on peoples characters and choices made on earth. The story follows a spirits excursion from hell to heaven, and the dialogues he encounters there between other damned souls and those who have been saved and welcomed into God’s Heavenly kingdom. All in all it was a very thought-provoking read, making one think twice about the way one treats people on earth, as well as the motives for treating them in this way.


Nothing like a bit of Banjo in the morning

I’ve discovered the Oh Hellos, I might be a bit delayed, but man I love their sound! Sure they look funny, and they probably smell a little strange, but their content is deep and wide. This track is off the album Through the Deep Dark Valley, released in 2012. The band consists of two siblings, Maggie and Tyler from Texas. This is the only album they’ve released besides a Christmas album, but damn its good! The sound is comparable to Mumford and Sons, mixed with Of Monsters and Men (like, if these two bands had a one night stand, the Oh Hello’s would be their unexpected child). I hope you enjoy!

Story telling tunes


So please meet my new favourite duo, currently known as Flannel Graph. Its Shayla and her friend Leon who make awesome music together and then occassionally post it on YouTube. Their sound is very Avalanche City mixed with Of Monsters and Men. In fact, I stumbled across them on Noise Trade when searching for artists similar to Of Monsters and Men, and now, although they only have 5 songs on their EP, I’ve been playing it non-stop.

The name Flannel Graph is taken from those old Bible stories they used to make for kids on TV using Flannel cartoons, which they would post on a board. Really a Flannel Graph is a story telling device,  and Shayla and Leon use their music to tell stories. All songs on their EP are based on parables taken from the Bible. I’m so in love with this band right now.

They are back!!

Switchfoot are finally back after touring the globe. These cali-surfer dudes have returned with sounds swoonier than ever. Here is one of their first offerings off their new album. This melodious track stays true to their roots and echos with a deep sentiment I have to agree with, that Love Alone is worth the Fight. Keep your eye’s peeled for shots of the Mother City in this video. Their tour and worldwide surfing mission has been turned into a documentary titled Fading West, which I’m looking forward to seeing. Happy Monday.