Lucky at cards…

marcus zusak

I’m not overly fond of Australia. Its mostly desert, and marsupials really freak me out. However, I can appreciate the talent that the country has produced, like Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman (sigh) and Markus Zusak. Best known for his mind-blowing art-work  like piece of literature, The Book Thief, Zusak has produced a lesser-known work, which I found far more gripping and delightful than The Book Thief (if that is conceivably possible) called I am the Messenger. I could not put this book down for three days. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the characters in it, and I recommended it to everyone I saw for the next month.

It tells the story of below-average Ed, a taxi driver in Australia whose life changes when he begins receiving mysterious tasks via playing cards in his post box. It’s one of those stories that you feel has the potential to change lives. Though I found the ending somewhat disappointing and confusing, the delight of the journey, and the characters (especially The Doorman) I befriended along the way more than made up for it.

For a magical book like this, I would recommend the Haute Cabriere Tranquill. Its a soft and delicate wine. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay gives it a beautiful salmony-colour.

Alternatively, although its not a wine, a dram of Drambuie would also go well with this read, its sweet, and warms you from head-to-toe, just like I am the Messenger.

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