Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk

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There ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of swag on a Monday morning.

I’m loving the new song coming out of a Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars team-up. This throw-back tunes to the height of American funk is enough to uplift even the sourest of moods. And lets be honest, there is very little that Bruno Mars can do wrong.


Hate to see your heart break


There is something beautiful about women’s voices. Take a listen to this new one from Paramore, featuring Joy Williams (two Williams coming together on this great track) and let your heart be soothed. Its not your usual Paramore track, but its nice to see Joy teaming up with this great outfit since the end of the Civil Wars.

Don’t wait for him

I’ve discovered this awesome track by bluesy-folk band Side Saddle, off their September release The Astorian. I wouldn’t lie to you, the whole album is pretty good, and this song is my favourite just by a fraction. Some other great ones to watch out for are “Halcyon” and “Something I said”. The band hails from the town Astoria, thus titling the album after their roots. If The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie had a baby, this is what it would sound like. Its a really refreshing style, which fans of the Decemberists will love. Its the sort of fresh spring morning soundtrack that would be the song playing for a movies opening sequence. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Nothing like a bit of Banjo in the morning

I’ve discovered the Oh Hellos, I might be a bit delayed, but man I love their sound! Sure they look funny, and they probably smell a little strange, but their content is deep and wide. This track is off the album Through the Deep Dark Valley, released in 2012. The band consists of two siblings, Maggie and Tyler from Texas. This is the only album they’ve released besides a Christmas album, but damn its good! The sound is comparable to Mumford and Sons, mixed with Of Monsters and Men (like, if these two bands had a one night stand, the Oh Hello’s would be their unexpected child). I hope you enjoy!

Of love and loss

This is my favourite local song ever, and that’s saying a lot. I guess its quite a nostalgic track for me, it takes me back to a very emotional time in my life, when  my best friend and I weren’t speaking (now, we are getting married!). Its a song about love lost. I’ve tried to translate these Afrikaans words for my foreign friends, but it never quite captures the essence of this beautiful ballad.

Just breathe

I love this song, it always reminds me of the bomb episode of season 1 in Grey’s Anatomy, (someone comes in with a bomb inside them and the doctors have to remove it without blowing up the hospital, its very tense). This song just deals with something that is very common to humanity: regrets, mistakes and the fact that in this life, we can only move forward, not backward. Its a beautiful, honest and raw song, but beware, the music video is very 90’s.

Shaking it off, breaking it down

Tuesday was definitely one of the highlights of my week. Work was slow and life was boring, but Taylor Swift debuted her new single from her forth coming album 1989. Its no secret that I wish Tay Tay and I were besties, and like this hot new track says, if you don’t like her, shake it off.

I love the refreshing sound of this track. Taylor says that her priorities have changed as she has grown older, and this is reflected on the album, which is heavily influenced by 80’s pop. I love the new sound and I’m keen to see if there will be any of her iconic ballads on this album, particularly because she hasn’t had any notible heartbreaks since Red.

So young but so good


Yes, The Vamps new single is all that you could wish it to be. These guys from the UK just seem to have all the luck! They’re pretty new on the scene still, only forming in 2012 with their debut single “Can we dance” only being released in 2013. Since then they’ve toured with the likes of The Wanted, McFly and Demi Lovato, who features on this track. Its both upbeat and sincere and definitely worth downloading!

We’ve all got ghosts

Classy lady Ella Henderson (X-Factor contestant 2012) has released her amazing debut track! I think this song could easily be the track of the year, what would you expect when its co-written by One Republic’s Ryan Tedder.

The profound lyrics mixed with the great sound make this a winner, not to mention Ella’s (who’s only 18 years old by the way) soulful voice. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

Story telling tunes


So please meet my new favourite duo, currently known as Flannel Graph. Its Shayla and her friend Leon who make awesome music together and then occassionally post it on YouTube. Their sound is very Avalanche City mixed with Of Monsters and Men. In fact, I stumbled across them on Noise Trade when searching for artists similar to Of Monsters and Men, and now, although they only have 5 songs on their EP, I’ve been playing it non-stop.

The name Flannel Graph is taken from those old Bible stories they used to make for kids on TV using Flannel cartoons, which they would post on a board. Really a Flannel Graph is a story telling device,  and Shayla and Leon use their music to tell stories. All songs on their EP are based on parables taken from the Bible. I’m so in love with this band right now.