Dear Pedestrian

This writing is part of a challenge called #writersbootcamp. Today’s topic on day 8 is write a letter to one of your pet hates

Dear pedestrian

I know what it is to have to walk everywhere, I’ve often been in your shoes. Sometimes you have a long way to go with heavy bags to carry, and sometimes you have to cross dangerous intersections.

Beloved pedestrian, I have also been a driver. I know what it is to feel the pressure of the road, to have to constantly consider the lives of fellow drivers, and pedestrians like you, each time I take to the tar.

That’s why, dear pedestrian, I must ask you to obey the rules of the road when you are walking. Dear pedestrian, when you decide to jay walk 100 meters from a pedestrian crossing, it really breaks my heart. It means I have to swerve a little into the next lane to avoid crunching your toes. It doesn’t take much to walk the 100 meters to the pedestrian crossing, where you would be safe, and where cars are legally obliged to stop for you, like a magical island of safety in the chaos of traffic.

Dear pedestrian, when we meet at a traffic light, and you decide to cross when the little man is red for you, but the light is green for me, it makes me very angry. Pedestrian, there is a queue of tired and stressed drivers behind me who want to get home, and do not want to have to wait while you disobey the traffic rules. Really, you are not playing fair. My lovely pedestrian, I am concerned about your intelligence, is it hard to understand that when the man is green, you may walk and when he flashes, you must hurry across because he is about to turn red, meaning that three tons of high-speed traffic are about to go through that intersection.

Dear pedestrian, we all have the right to use the road, and just because I’m in a big car and you are on your two legs, it doesn’t give me more right than you. But you are more vulnerable, which is why I need you to pay heed to attention to the road signs. Stop at a red light, use the pedestrian crossing, that’s all I ask.

Yours truly,

Concerned driver