Go Radio’s swan song

This morning I woke up and checked my Instagram feed (as I do) and I saw that Alex (the hottie) from Go Radio had posted a long letter about the band, as had the other accounts from the other members which I follow. It said that lead singer Jason Lancastor, the man with the most amazing voice ever, had decided that his priorities had shifted to his new wife, Dee (who I also follow on Instagram) and thus he was leaving the band. Because they felt that there was no Go Radio without all four members, one of, if not, my favorite band ever, is no more.

Today is a very blue Monday indeed. In honour of their amazing music, here is their most iconic song,Goodnight Moon, which Jason will be able to sing to Dee every night now, because he won’t be on the road any longer. I can’t help but respect him for putting his family first, even if it means no more music.


Ain’t nothing wrong with a hot piano-playing ginger

Man, am I glad Jason Lancaster left Mayday Parade and formed Go Radio! I first heard of this delicious band two years ago, when Lucky Street, their third album was released.
They aren’t heard of much in SA (that I’m aware of) so when perusing Grooveshark, I was delighted to discover Close the Distance, which has been on repeat in my car ever since. I love the quirky music videos these guys do (Goodnight Moon has to be one of the most random vid’s I’ve ever seen)
Jasons rocky voice and the combination of instruments is a golden thread that runs through all the songs on this album, without any sounding repetitive or too similar. Their lyrics are phenomenal and move from romantic to philosophical to inspiring.
Here is the single Go to Hell, its brilliant

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