A Middle Earth Itch


Every year around December, I get what I call a Middle Earth itch. Its the need to find some escapism and solace in the classic tale of The Lord of the Rings. I’m not a purist, and I saw the movies before I read the books. (I am a huge fan, I own all the necessary memorabilia and know all the necessary facts to qualify me as one.) With The Hobbit being released this year at cinema’s, I finally had to satisfy the itch by revisiting, firstly, all the movies (I did the marathon over three days) and then the books, which took me a total of three months. Suffice to say a Lord of the Rings marathon is the only kind of marathon I’ll be doing (except perhaps a Star Wars/ Indiana Jones Marathon).

Reading the books for a second time was much MUCH more delightful and enchanting than the first. Reading it now that I am older also brings a fresh perspective. It’s a story about unending friendship, about how the smallest person can face the biggest, darkest times and overcome them, about how light, no matter how faint, is still stronger than darkness. A story like this (brewed in the brilliant mind of Tolkien) only comes around once in a century, and for me, it came just when I needed to learn that life lesson again.

If you are going to read this story, non-stop, I suggest a red wine with deep body and soul, like the Warrick First Lady

Article by Aimee McDonald

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