Out of the silent planet- C.S. Lewis



Out of the Silent Planet is the first novel is the rare C.S Lewis series known as The Space Trilogy. I have found these books particularly difficult to come by, so I was delighted one day to find an outlet store in the city that had just two copies of the series in full.

Lewis is known for his theological works for adults and fantasy work for children, but few readers are aware that this great author dabbled in sci-fi. It is rumoured that his good friend Tolkien, neither approved of nor enjoyed the manuscripts of his space trilogy when he was given them to read.

This first book tells the story of philologist, Dr Ransom, who is kidnapped by a cosmologist and taken to the planet Malacandra, where he believes he is to be sacrificed to the planets inhabitants. Typically infused with Lewis’ symbolism, the book is a symphony of descriptions which warm the heart. It also provides insightful commentary on the human race and its destructive nature. All in all, if you are a Lewis fan, you will probably enjoy this story.

I paired this with the equally intricate Steenberg Shiraz, a textured and peppery wine.



The Great Divorce- C.S. Lewis

the great divorce

The Great Divorce is one of Lewis’ lesser-known works of fiction that attempts to describe the divorce of heaven and hell. It is a daunting task, and I must say, I was somewhat disappointed that Lewis painted somewhat of a “limbo” picture.

It is never easy to describe what we don’t know, and Lewis does this weighty topic justice in that he capably brings the afterlife into the present through reflections on peoples characters and choices made on earth. The story follows a spirits excursion from hell to heaven, and the dialogues he encounters there between other damned souls and those who have been saved and welcomed into God’s Heavenly kingdom. All in all it was a very thought-provoking read, making one think twice about the way one treats people on earth, as well as the motives for treating them in this way.