Thursday Throwback

This gritty, dark and delicious music video by the NYC trio Yeah Yeah Yeah’s is one of my all-time favorites (and not just coz they did a cover on Glee) I feel for some reason like the video pays homage to Michael Jackson (it came out the same year that he died) as evidenced in the black & white suit and slick dance moves. The use of the red glitter at the end gets me every time! Off their its blitz! album, enjoy what I consider to be one of this indie-rock outfits best singles ever!


A hot dense state, sounds like the weekend…

big bang


In my years of studying I have often had to digest books that challenge my world view and make me uncomfortable and/or miserable. Included in this list are Ideas: From Fire to Freud (when you see the size of it you won’t need me to discourage you) by Peter Watson and Why Evolution is true from Jerry Coyne.

When Big Bang by Simon Singh was prescribed, I braced myself for another such experience. To my delight, this easily comprehensible book took me on a magnificent journey of exploration, to outer space and back, and I would tell everyone who has any interest in astronomy to get their hands on it ASAP!

Singh details the history of cosmology and the men and women who played an influential role in the development of this field of science. While he does so, he takes your hand and guides you into how scientists developed our current theory of how the universe began. No matter what you believe, it is well worth understanding how this contentious theory came to be widely accepted, and actually how recent this acceptance is!

The men and women who made history in cosmology (including the obvious ones like Galileo, Einstein and Hayley) become living characters in this wonderful story. Go and read it, you won’t regret it, and pair it with something delicious, like the Beaumont Chenin Blanc, full of flavour and wonderfully enlightening!


Yeah, its a thing, even if I’m the only person who subscribes to it, I still believe Taylor Swift should be celebrated every Tuesday.

Confession time: I love her. I love everything about her, and if she did a cover of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I would blog about it.

I probably love her for the same reason most females my age love her: she relates to us, and puts our emotions into words we didn’t have ourselves, tacks them to a catchy tune and makes millions (okay I can’t relate to the latter)

To celebrate her genius, here is one of my favorite songs of hers, the little-known Ours, off her 2011 album Speak Now.

The music video isn’t special, and she’ll never have to have an office job, but its cute. Like her, she is cute (you can also see how ridiculously tall she is in this video).


Something to seek your teeth into

I don’t do scary very well. The closest thing to scary I can watch is a Zomedy (zombie-comedy). However, I do do classics extremely well, and maybe this is what continuously tugged me to tackle a scary story I would never (ever) have read otherwise.

For a long while it has been in my mind to attempt Bram Stoker’s Dracula. By nature I am a coward, and if I overthink things I don’t do them because I rationalise myself out of it. But there was no way around this one, so late one night I dived right in before I could look back.

It was an amazing journey! Bram Stoker’s way of writing is odd, and jarring at times because he writes from different character perspectives, as though they are journalling their experiences. By the end of the story, the characters have a rich inner life and you feel like you have experienced a world of terror, death and the supernatural with them.


In the custom of the day, Stoker describes everything down to the finest detail, giving the story a hauntingly real feel, which is probably what makes it so scary. If I ever become a famous film-maker someday, I would re-do this masterpiece of fiction-fantasy.

There are no sparkly vampires here, I could only read it during the day, twice I tried at night and twice I couldn’t sleep, but all-in-all I’m so glad that I read (and finished) this book.

I paired it with the always-excellent Leopards Leap CabSav Merlot blend. This smooth and easy drinking wine is lovely and soft and inoffensive. Bound to quench any thirst (mwa ha ha ha *in a Dracula voice*)

No one likes waking up in a strange bed

Okay, so this song is a little dodgy. But I love the catchy, iconically South African sound and the irony of the title compared with the lyrics. This local group of boys released their debut album in April this year. I’ll admit, the first time I heard them was on Gareth Cliffs morning show on 5FM. Well done guys. They are geeky, folk-rocky cute, and looking at their website, none of them have morning faces either. While its not the most original music video, the song is so good, I’ll overlook it this time.