So long and thanks for all the fish


There is a big black tome that squats on my bookshelf. It’s one of the thickest books in my collection. Its spine is cracked in numerous places, the tell-tale white lines speak of endless readings. It is my collectors-item edition of the four part trilogy that is HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I was introduced to this philosophical work of comedy through the movie, as many were. It’s one of those stories that transports you, after all, it is about travelling in its own way.

Don’t ask me why I find a book about immortal aliens that fly through the galaxy insulting people, cow-like creatures that suggest their most edible bits to you, and an idiot president of the galaxy profound, but I do.

There is something sweet about Arthur Dent navigating the universe, learning to fly and eventually finding the gal to fly with him through the galaxy that resonates with us. Out of all the authors of the 20th century, I don’t know any comparable to Douglas Adams in the way that his absurd, existential work is still relevant today. In fact, I think its becoming increasingly relevant as the world spirals into absurdity.

There’s no story like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. When life leaves you lost for words, quote Douglas Adams

Wine: I’d suggest pairing this with a beaujolais nouveau. Sweet, rare, one-of-a-kind party wine made from the Gamay Noir grape. My personal fav is the Asara Nouveau

Winemaker Francois Joubert smells the Asara nouveau

Winemaker Francois Joubert smells the Asara nouveau