Wool- Hugh Howey

Honestly, Wool wasn’t something I needed in my life. It gave me nightmares, and at a time when I already feel like the world is on edge: the global droughts, racism rife, refugees, terrorism, and need I say, Donald Trump, the reality that high Howey paints in this latest dystopian novel hit a little too close to home.

That said, it was a great ride. There were enough twists to satisfy the definition of dystopian, but the ending was also satisfying enough that I feel no compunction to read the rest of the series (and I have no intention to).

The story is about Jules, someone who has greatness thrust upon her in a world where human beings only exist below ground, sheltered from the toxic wasteland that planet earth has become. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but if you enjoy young adult fiction it’s a good read, but don’t expect the Hunger Games.

I paired this with the Heme,-en-Aarde Vine Garden, a Chardonnay-type white blend, sweet and memorable but poisonous if you drink too much.


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