Sister Noon – Karen Joy Fowler


After reading a few heavy novels (Tell the Wolves I’m home, The Girl on the Train) I was desperately looking for something uplifting and light-hearted to sink my teeth into. Fortunately for me, my friends have my best interests at heart, and Dear Sam loaned me her copy of Karen Joy Fowlers’ Sister Noon.

This delightful historical novel, set in turn-of-the-century San Francisco drew me in to the genteel life of spinster, Lizzie Hayes, as she has a “magical juncture” courtesy of the local woman of notoriety, Mary E. Pleasant. Fowlers’ writing style for this novel drew me straight in and made me feel like a was strolling the dusty streets full of women in skirts, parasols and horse-drawn carriages alongside Lizzie, who has a mystery to uncover after Mammy Pleasant deposits a new orphan at the children’s home that Lizzie fundraises for. It’s a scandalous mystery, which has the potential to redefine Lizzies whole world. As Mrs Pleasant says, we don’t have to be the same people forever.

It’s a great story, highly entertaining. I paired it with the equally great and easy-drinking Porcupine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, which has dark berry flavours, including blackberry, youngberry and what the makers describe as “bramble aromas”.


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