The girl on the train- Paula Hawkins


I’m someone who only reads a thriller about once every two years. But I am someone who takes the train to work everyday. I love taking the train (when it’s not delayed by 30 minutes or packed to capacity). I love seeing the regulars, and I love seeing the many (many) crazy random commuters. Often, a poor man will serenade the train just for some coins to buy a cup of coffee.

Perhaps that’s why I was drawn to reading this book, because of the title. I also heard that it is similar in nature to Gone Girl, which, though disturbing, I grudgingly enjoyed. This story is told by three very different women, who all have one (deadly) thing in common. It is a typical Whodunnit, with a satisfying twist.

That said, the jarring jumping between years (2012/2013) and narrators can make it annoying and inconsistent. Also, it often feels very depressing and hopeless at times, especially for the primary narrator and girl-on-the-train, Rachel. Rachel is an alcoholic with a broken marriage and failed career who still takes the train to London everyday so that her roommate won’t discover that she’s been fired. On one of these everyday trips, she sees something unusual happening in her old neighbourhood, and thus begins the impetus for the story.

It’s a quick read and satisfying if thrillers are your thing. But a more literary-inclined person will be left disappointed. Rachel’s drinking habit makes you not want to sip an alcoholic beverage with this, but I paired it with the Kanonkop Kadette, a very satisfying and easy-drinking red blend with hints of dark chocolate and blackberry.


4 thoughts on “The girl on the train- Paula Hawkins

  1. paleopreg says:

    I hated this book so very much. That said it was a page turner which I found myself reading late into the night. I think it was just how utterly pathetic and unlikeable I found the main character to be. Usually there is something mildly redeeming or likeable, even in a villain. But this chick? Not even a little.

    • AmiMcD says:

      I agree with your summary of the main character. Apparently Emily Blunt is set to play her in the film adaptation. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with the character, though I’m still on the fence about whether or not I’ll watch it. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Darrel H says:

    I heard this book one “best thriller” on good reads. I thought you had stopped doing these reviews. But I see that somehow I was not following your blog anymore. Glad you are still reading 🙂

    hope this finds you well. 🙂 cool motivational instagram posts!

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