The A-Z of shuffling

I've shifted from shuffle to alphabetical.

I’ve shifted from shuffle to alphabetical.

I’ve been trying somewhat of a musical experiment on my IPod recently. In fact, I got the idea from one of my Twitter followers, who mentioned that he is doing the same thing at the moment.

If you are anything like me, you have reams and reams of music on your IPod and if you are like me, you permanently have it set to the “shuffle” function. Yet no matter how much new music I put on the thing, it always seems to go back to its firm old favourites, meaning that I probably haven’t heard some of the songs on my IPod for years.

So, I have changed from “shuffle” to playing songs in alphabetical order and I’m loving what I’ve discovered. Not only will I have listened to every song on my IPod by the time I get to Z (which will probably only be in a few months time) but there seems to be somewhat of a trend within letters themselves. This is what I’ve found so far:

A- Is populated by very “worshippy” songs, like Hillsong and WOW compilation type-tracks.
B- I found this to be a very profound section, with titles like “Beautiful Love” (The Afters) and “Back to the Beginning” (Switchfoot) in fact, there is a lot of Switchfoot in this section, they seem to favour the letter “B” for many of their songs. B is full of thought provoking rock songs with deep lyrics and excellent construction
C- This is where I am at the moment. “C” is fun, and full of dance tracks, the kind of thing you would put on when you’re planning on going out on a Friday night.

I’ll have to let you know what I find when I get to “D”, but why not try this experiment for yourself and let me know what you discover about your IPod and your taste in music.


5 thoughts on “The A-Z of shuffling

  1. Darrel H says:

    For the life of me (without looking at iTunes) can’t recall other Switchfoot songs that start with B?

    Um, (the) Beautiful Letdown? B52 (that song named after a plane model, i think)

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