A story of faith, hope and love



People always ask me how I can read (and enjoy) a book after watching the movie. The fact is (and I think many will agree) is that the book is almost always better, and a lot of the time, I only find out that the movie is based on a book after watching it.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the movie Salmon fishing in the Yemen, but the book was an absolute delight. Carefully constructed as a series of journal entries, letters and interviews, it came across as far more realistic than the movie.

The story of boring Dr Alfred Jones and his sudden immersion into what many call a hair-brain scheme to introduce salmon fishing into an arid country is a powerful tale of what it means to believe. For a first time author, Paul Torday does an excellent job of exploring the themes of faith and belief in Western society. His travels and his insight into fishing clearly provided the inspiration for this story.

I found that the end (which is different to the movie) petered out a bit, and I was slightly disappointed but it was much more probable than the movie ending. This is definitely a must-read.

I paired this book with two wines. Although I’m not a fan of pink drinks, the Buitenverwachting Blanc de Noir was exactly as the name says: outside of my expectations for a pink wine. If you’re not into pink you can try the Klawer Chenin blanc with notes of honey and gooseberries.


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