Life is full of guilty pleasures…

Ahhhhhh guilty pleasures, yes, a post I can relate to, and believe me, I have plenty.

A guilty pleasure is gooey cheesy pizza, a glass of crisp white wine and an Audrey Hepburn movie

A guilty pleasure is Milo in bed on a cold winter’s morning, instead of getting up for work.

Nutella out the jar? You bet, that is a guilty pleasure!

Making Nigella Lawson’s super chocolaty brownies just so you can lick the bowl = guilty pleasure.

Trying on that beautiful pink dress you can never hope to afford but decide to screw the budget and buy anyway, that’s a guilty pleasure.

A guilty pleasure is lying in bed on a Sunday to watch back-to-back episodes of series.

Cancelling your evening plans so you can snuggle in bed and read instead, that’s a guilty pleasure!

Running after your soon-to-be-spouse to steal one last kiss before he heads home, that is a guilty pleasure.

I can keep going for hours, what are some of your guilty pleasures?


This post forms part of #writersbootcamp, a month long challenge to bloggers across South Africa.


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