In defense of the Maltese poodle

The world is wrong about…


Today’s topic for day 16 of #writersbootcamp is a tough one. I think the world is wrong about most things but the number one thing I think the world is wrong about is Maltese Poodles.

If you bring up this touchy subject, most people will respond with something along the lines of “I hate Maltese poodles, they’re such yappy dogs.” INCORRECT.

Maltese poodles are second in intelligence (in the dog world) only to border collies (I have owned and loved both). Like cats, many say that Maltese poodles have nine lives. They are not the fluff-some creatures of old ladies nor are they the hand-bag dogs of the rich and famous, but rather, they are really like the plush-cuddly warriors found in Star Wars.


Yes, what you have believed your whole life about Maltese poodles has been wrong. Maltese poodles are highly intelligent and are armed with the power of manipulation. They can make you believe that you are the head of the household when really, it’s them running the show. They like to take themselves for walks and will often make friends of your neighbours, inviting themselves over for tea, or just to sleep on their beds and couches.

They make excellent guard dogs because they are possessive and good at alerting you to intruders. They can be vicious with people they don’t like, I know, mine once took the skin off my face while I was cuddling her. But they can also be great with kids (I used to dress the same in my old baby clothes).

Maltese poodles are tiny balls of fluff that are the perfect combination of personality, intelligence and viciousness and have been accused of vacuity by the world at large for far too long!


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