An ode to the advice of grandmothers

rena nanna

This piece forms part of the month long challenge #writersbootcamp. It is day 10 (one, two skip a few, I got busy). Today’s topic is: The best piece of advice I ever received.

Everyone thinks they have great advice to give, but there are two pieces of advice that I have kept with me every day.

The first piece of advice came from my Nanna, God rest that blessed woman’s soul. She told me when I was about five (and had slept over at her house) that every morning before nursery school I must wash my eyes out. Otherwise the other children will see the sleep in my eyes. I’m now 26, and I swear to you that every morning when my alarm clock goes off, I wake up and wash my eyes out, even before I get around to making coffee. This small piece of advice taught me three things: The value of routine, the respect of self, and the respect of others (no one likes to stare at a dirty face).

The second piece of advice comes from the portly Scottish woman who has a passion for wedge heels and her nightly lollipop, also known as Granny Rena.  The woman is 81 and just got off a 17 hour flight from Houston. She once told me, I think I must have been about 12 years old: “Eemee, ya’ve go’to be able t’ laugh at yourseylf.” And I do, all the time.

These are the two best pieces of advice I have ever received, both from my Grans. May they help you as much as they have helped me.


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