I can’t live without…

This post is day 4 of the very fun and exciting #writersbootcamp

I can’t live without…

What a sad indictment on our society that there are certain material possessions we can’t live without. Not that I’m judging anyone, believe me I know that I can’t live without my IPhone or my coffee machine, I just need them to be a fully functioning human being.

So long as we don’t measure ourselves by how much we have, it’s fine. Here are a few things I can’t live without, what makes your list?

My books- whenever I move, my bookshelf is the first thing I populate, my books always make me feel at home

My perfume- Marc Jacobs Oh Lola for a fancy dinner, but if I’m going to the theatre, its Taylor Swifts Enchanted

My IPod- or music in general, especially if it’s the new Jason Lancaster, Passion Pit or Foo Fighters

My Car- or Optimus Prime, as I like to call her. Cars represent independence and freedom and mine just happens to be an adorable Kia Picanto

My family- Because life just wouldn’t be worthwhile without friends, family and love in our lives



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