Reimagining History

photo (7) Max du Preez is a living legend, few South Africans would dispute that. A wild cat journalist, he started his own liberal Afrikaans magazine to counteract the apartheid regimes endless propaganda during is dying days in the 80’s. His publications, Vryeweekblad, broke the story of Vlakplaas after he and a colleague got Dirk Coetzee, head of Vlakplaas drunk. You can read about all this in his biography, Pale Native. However, the particular piece of work I would like to talk about is a recreation of South African history called Of Warriors, Lovers and Prophets. Max has done endless hours of research to bring South Africans the most uncanny tales from our past, starting with the arrival of the first settlers and ending in a democratic South Africa, these short but true stories will give you hours of ammunition for small talk over coffee with colleagues, while making you seem super intelligent. It’s a great book which ends on a high note, my only difficulty was that because it comprises of short stories, I often wasn’t compelled to read on to find out what happens a next, but I am really glad I finished it. Pair this treasure trove of tales with a juicy red, my favorite is the Guardian Peak Merlot, or as you can see from this picture, a good hot chocolate.


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