The other side of the coin


I very rarely read non-fiction, but if there is one man who can get me to, its Malcolm Gladwell. Most people know the New York Magazine writer best for his novel Outliers, and indeed, that was the first Gladwell book I read. But fans of his will be glad to know that he has just released a new book in a similar vein to Outliers called David and Goliath: underdogs, misfits and the art of battling giants.

In this book (which will take you all of three days to read-that’s just the way Gladwell’s writing style grips you) he turns stereotypes on their heads, and shows the reader that what most of society deems to be a disadvantage, such as dyslexia, death of a parent or a large class at school, can actually set an individual up to become incredibly successful in life.

As usual, Gladwell has thoroughly researched his topic and makes a very strong case for his argument, but I did feel that towards the end of the book (somewhere in Belfast in the 70’s I believe) he starts to lose focus and the point begins to weaken. It seems to taper and doesn’t have the strong finish I’m so fond of in Outliers.

All in all it’s a good book, and you will feel smarter for reading it. I paired this with a Vredenheim Sauvignon Blanc, it’s a simple, unassuming wine that leaves you satisfied without wanting more.


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