A juxtaposition can sometimes set things straight


I think I’ve read just about every C.S Lewis book. Really I have (even the arb one based on Greek mythology- until we have faces) I have read Narnia a bazillion times (I counted) and That Hideous Strength twice.  The first time I read Mere Christianity I was in high school, I found it dense and couldn’t remember much from it, so I thought it was about time to give it a bash again.

The fact is that C.S Lewis is to modern Christians what St Paul was to the early church. There is little you can disagree with in his writings, and in particular this book, in which he logically sets out the argument for Christianity. It’s a particularly compelling argument when you understand that for most of his life, Lewis was an avid atheist, and has thus personally wrestled with the issues he discusses here.

He uses simple and relatable analogies to explain some of the hardest questions about the Christian faith, and makes light of issues which have divided the church for centuries. He is very open minded in his writing, which is incredibly refreshing. And, of course, as one of his most quotable works, it’s hard to not get something from this book, whether you believe in Christ or not.

I read it in the early mornings, and so mostly drank coffee or (on occasion) hot chocolate while working through it.


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