Something to seek your teeth into

I don’t do scary very well. The closest thing to scary I can watch is a Zomedy (zombie-comedy). However, I do do classics extremely well, and maybe this is what continuously tugged me to tackle a scary story I would never (ever) have read otherwise.

For a long while it has been in my mind to attempt Bram Stoker’s Dracula. By nature I am a coward, and if I overthink things I don’t do them because I rationalise myself out of it. But there was no way around this one, so late one night I dived right in before I could look back.

It was an amazing journey! Bram Stoker’s way of writing is odd, and jarring at times because he writes from different character perspectives, as though they are journalling their experiences. By the end of the story, the characters have a rich inner life and you feel like you have experienced a world of terror, death and the supernatural with them.


In the custom of the day, Stoker describes everything down to the finest detail, giving the story a hauntingly real feel, which is probably what makes it so scary. If I ever become a famous film-maker someday, I would re-do this masterpiece of fiction-fantasy.

There are no sparkly vampires here, I could only read it during the day, twice I tried at night and twice I couldn’t sleep, but all-in-all I’m so glad that I read (and finished) this book.

I paired it with the always-excellent Leopards Leap CabSav Merlot blend. This smooth and easy drinking wine is lovely and soft and inoffensive. Bound to quench any thirst (mwa ha ha ha *in a Dracula voice*)


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