Locks, Jocks and Rugby Socks

The author is obviously writing from experience

The author is obviously writing from experience

I’ve just finished the third installment of the home-brewed Spud books.

These wonderful books tell the boyish tales of young John “Spud” Milton as he navigates his way through a jock-dominated traditional all boys school in the Natal Midlands.

They are literally laugh-out-loud books. John van de Ruit (who is obviously following the authors maxim of “write what you know”) writes in a simple, flowing way so that you enjoy every minute of these easy-reading stories.

They are also very moving at times, when you aren’t laughing at the hilarious antics of the Crazy Eight (the protagonist and his dorm-mates). The books have since been turned a  movie franchise, staring John Cleese as The (lovable) Guv and Tanit Phoenix as drama teacher Eve. The second movie premieres later this week at Sun City.

If you are looking for a good read, do yourself a favour and get your hands on these books. I’m off to enjoy the last installment Exit, pursued by a bear.

Pair these books with the soft and warm Laborie red blend. It is a smooth, light Paarl wine that goes down like a pinot noir and has the same colouring. Perfect for these warm and heart-warming books.


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