Gone baby gone…

This is not a love story

This is not a love story

I don’t read thrillers. I’m more the classic literature/academic type (as you may have noticed) rather than the dime-a-dozen paperback type.
Yet, for some reason I felt drawn to reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn when I discovered it on a colleagues desk in January (I regret that decision now).
So I bought it, and I read it. I have to say that I found the prolific use of bad language and the very sexualised nature of the book offensive, but I really enjoyed the way that Flynn writes, picking up little details in a very natural and descriptive manner. Her characters, especially protagonist Nick are complex and three dimensional, which I enjoyed.
This book is a mind-funk from beginning to end. In the first half I thought it was a social commentary novel on women’s abuse, the second half a thought “psycho bitch”.
For all the *ish* that goes down in this novel, the end, though sad and scary is probably the best possible ending Flynn could have written.
If thrillers are your thing, you’ll enjoy this, if not then rather give it a skip.
Pair with anything that will make you drunk 😉 just kidding, it goes well with the Nuy Pinotage.



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