Beauty and the beast

Charlotte Bronte's feminine hero has long haunted my literary journey

Charlotte Bronte’s feminine hero has long haunted my literary journey

The rain blankets my sleepy town, and all the trees have their red-and-yellow autumn coats on. Droplets hit the window panes like a million little diamonds and my mind turns to one of the two feminist heroines that have haunted my life-long literary journey.

Her name is Jane, and she is a plain-looking orphan that steals the heart and restores the soul of a broken man named Rochester.

By now you know the beauty-and-the-beast tale of which I speak, none other than Charlotte Bronte’s greatest work, the gothic novel Jane Eyre.

I love this story, and the onset of winter makes me crave it more because of its gloomy English setting. It is one of three books that I try and read annually, just because it had such an impact on me. My mom bought me a beautiful vintage copy for my 20th birthday, its all in red, with a key dangling enticingly on the cover.

If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s in a league far above the dreary monotone of a Jane Austen novel.

Best paired with something rich and creamy, you might like a red (because of the weather) in which case I would suggest the Guardian Peak Merlot. For a white wine, I would go with the Excelsior Sauvignon Blanc.


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