The Emperors new clothes


Adriaan Basson’s work Zuma Exposed is investigative journalism at its finest

I’ve just finished reading SA journalist Adriaan Basson’s investigative piece Zuma Exposed.

Horrific. (and not because of the way the book is written, Mr Basson is an excellent journalist).

The content, though dense and at times hard-to-follow, is frightening.

The two biggest take-homes from this book are that the president of the country has no cognitive comprehension that corruption is wrong (especially when most South African’s are dying from poverty) and that apartheid has had an incredibly damaging effect on the self-esteem of black people in the country.

I think if everyone in the country red this book, we’d have a revolution on our hands.

Though its not the sort of book you can drink with (cause you have to concentrate) I’d pair it with a shiraz like the Croix du Sud.

the spear

The publicaton of this artwork, The Spear, sent shockwaves and reactions throughout the nations



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